hosting a “Knot or Noose?” conference…

The Standard Conference:

The "Knot or Noose?" conference has been carefully crafted to fit within the time constraints of modern family life. A typical, church-hosted conference consists of two sessions on Friday evening, and two on Saturday morning. The conference is over by noon on Saturday, leaving the rest of the weekend free.

Each attendee also receives a version of the 10 week follow-up notebook, Tightening The Knot, Losening The Noose. The three versions of this 100-page resource have each been carefully designed to be used by singles, dating and enaged couples, and marrieds. This insightful resource has an excellent balance of freedom and guided study, taking users back into the conference material, the Scriptures, and then out into the world of dialogue and interaction with their friends or spouse.

The impact of the "Knot or Noose?" is multiplied when small groups who attend the conference together, and then use the notebook as curriculum for 10 weeks of small group meetings.

Bringing “Knot or Noose?” To Your Church or City:

There is no cost to the sponsoring church.** All registration and payments are handled online by Hands of Hur, freeing the sponsoring church to focus on childcare and facility preparations. Registration costs are intentionally kept low to encourage attendance. The total cost per attendee is $20.00, which includes the conference notebook. If you are interested in bringing the "Knot or Noose?" conference to your church or city, or would like more information, please contact us.

**Hands of Hur asks the sponsoring church to assume responsibility for 100 registrations, either in actual registration numbers or an honorarium to complete the minimum registration of 100.

Knot or Noose is a ministry of Hands of Hur — 2016