what is “Knot or Noose”?

THE CONCEPT:A majority of Christians have attended marriage conferences, but only a tiny minority have discovered that their marriage improved as a result.“Knot or Noose?” is radically different. This conference is a time of intensely practical teaching about marriage rather than merely a conference for married people or people looking to become married. In fact, it is intentionally crafted for anyoneinterested in growing in an understanding of the place of marriage in the redemptive purposes of God. College-age singles, dating and engaged couples, and marrieds—no matter how long they been married—have already reaped a harvest of good fruit from a small initial investment of 4 hours. This conference has been presented in churches and on college campuses across the U.S. and overseas.

THE TIME:The “Knot or Noose?” conference is structured to maximize content and minimize time constraints on those attending. The typical conference consists of two sessions Friday evening and the final two Saturday morning. The conference concludes by noon on Saturday, leaving the majority of the weekend free.

THE TEACHER:Each of the four sessions are taught by Fran Sciacca, the Director of Hands of Hur. Fran has been teaching Bible for nearly 40 years locally, nationally, and internationally. He is the author of over 30 Bible studies and books. He and his wife Jill have been married for over 40 years. They have four grown married children, and nine grandchildren. They currently live in Birmingham, Alabama. Fran has presented the “Knot or Noose?” conference in six states to a broad spectrum of churches and collegiate audiences.

THE“TAKE AWAY”:The 75-page “Knot or Noose?” conference notebook contains handouts for note-taking at each of the four conference sessions, plus 10 weeks ofcarefully craftedfollow-up material, which is actually the“magic” of the conference. The follow-up material is available in three different versions: one for singles and dating couples, a second version for engaged couples, and a third version for marrieds. The“Knot or Noose?” conference notebook is an outstanding resource for small groups, and has proven most effective for those who attend the conference as a group.

THEKIDS:Free childcare for Friday evening and Saturday morning is provided by thehosting church or organization. Age limitations may vary with the sponsoring church, and further information about childcare is available during the online registration process.

THECOST:The “Knot or Noose?” conference notebook fee is $25.00 per person, which is paid during the online registration process. There is no additional charge for the conference. (There may be an additional charge by the hosting church if full meals are provided on Friday evening and Saturday morning.)

Knot or Noose is a ministry of Hands of Hur — 2016