have your own “Knot or Noose?” conference…


You can create your own personal “Knot or Noose?” marriage conference as a couple at home, or in your small group at church. The four conference messages, all conference handouts, and the 10-week followup material are available for purchase for personal use.(There are 3 separate versions of the 75-page conference notebook. One for singles/dating couples, oneforengaged couples, and one for married couples.)

Each notebook contains:

  • the 8-pages of handouts from all four conference sessions.
  • 10 weeks of follow-up material for couples and/or small groups

The audio CD contains:all four conference messages in mp3 format.

"Couples Packs" (engaged or married) each contain:2 copies of the conference notebook and a copy of the four conference messages on an audio CD

** You may purchase notebooks, audio CDs, and “Couples Packs” here.

Knot or Noose is a ministry of Hands of Hur — 2016